Ongoing Doodle for Google 2019 Contest in USA | INDIA

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Ongoing Doodle for Google 2019 Contest in USA | INDIA: Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Provision of scholarship has become one of the easiest route used by firms, individuals, and organizations to benevolently give back to society.

This post is a clear description of how to win the Google Doodle Competition 2019 India known as  Doodle for Google 2019 Contest for USA and Indian Students. Carefully read through the application details and apply.

Google is one of the world most popular technology company which is worth Billions of dollars, and they’ve been involved with so many charity organizations and scholarship-providing platforms.

Google has a scholarship funnel inform of Doodle 4 Google contest, which has been in existence for some years now.

Ongoing Doodle for Google 2019 Contest in USA | INDIA

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What is Doodle?

A doodle is a drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be composed of random and abstract lines, generally without ever lifting the drawing device from the paper, in which case it is usually called a “scribble”.

Doodling and scribbling are most often associated with young children and toddlers because their lack of hand-eye coordination and lower mental development often make it very difficult for any young child to keep their coloring attempts within the line art of the subject.

Despite this, it is not uncommon to see such behavior with adults, in which case it is generally done jovially, out of boredom.

Typical examples of doodling are found in school notebooks, often in the margins, drawn by students daydreaming or losing interest during class.

Other common examples of doodling are produced during long telephone conversations if a pen and paper are available.

Popular kinds of doodles include cartoon versions of teachers or companions in a school, famous TV or comic characters, invented fictional beings, landscapes, geometric shapes, patterns, textures, or phallic scenes.

The reason for all these explanations is so that one would understand what Doodle is all about and get a background concept of Google requires from Doodle 4 Google contestants because the best Doodle wins the Doodle 4 Google contest.

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What You Need to Know About The Ongoing Doodle for Google 2019 Contest in USA | INDIA

Doodle for Google 2019

Doodle 4 Google contest 2019 is announced, they present all the details regarding Doodle 4 Google makers and lover who want to explore their talent all around the world which is powered by Google For Students in the US.

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Doodle 4 Google, also stylized Doodle4Google, is an annual competition in various countries, held by Google, to have children create a logo that will be featured on the local Google homepage as a doodle.

Google will be at it again in 2019 where contestants would be required to submit their doodles for judgment.

Normally, Google 4 Doodle contest is a multinational contest,  where many countries of the world have their own slot, and application process.

So far this year, Google has only disclosed information for just two countries, these countries are United States of America and India.

From the information gathered so far, we can understand that Doodle for Google 2019 is open for students in the United States of America and India.

Doodle for Google, United States of America

This is about Google for Doodle contest in the united states of America.

You have to be creative to win this prestigious award.


What does the future look like?

Are cities built in the clouds? Is it a place where everyone gets along, even cats and dogs? Or maybe the world where nobody ever gets sick? With the Google homepage as their canvas, young artists are invited to reach into their imagination and share what they see for the future by entering in “The Doodle 4 Google Competition”.

Students in grades K-12 are invited to take part in the 2019 Doodle 4 Google contest, and create a doodle that tells the world “What I see for the future.” One national winner will also receive a $30,000 college scholarship.

The winner’s artwork will be featured on the Google homepage.

Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products that include

online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware.


Eligibility 2019 Doodle for Google Theme

This is for United States of America citizens the eligibility for this scholarship differs within countries, therefore below is listed the requirements needed to be eligible for Doodle 4 Google scholarship contest 2019 in the united states of America.

To be eligible to enter the Contest, an Entrant must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or a legal U.S. resident (i.e. must be able to show proof of legal residence)
  • Be enrolled in a private or public elementary or secondary school (grades K-12) or a home school (grades K-12) in the United
  • States, a United States Territory in Puerto Rico, Guam, and Washington, D.C., a student of a U.S. Service Person serving
  • abroad (collectively, “U.S. School(s)”)
  • Have obtained a parent’s or legal guardian’s prior permission. Minors who enter must have the written consent of a parent or
  • legal guardian in order to be eligible to receive any prizes.

How to Apply for Google for Doodle 2019 Theme in the United States  

Eligibility and application process differs within countries which would be clearly shown.

This is the application process for applicants in the United States of America.

To be entering in the contest, create a doodle that tells the world “What I see for the future.” From crayons to clay, graphic design, or even food, young artists can utilize any materials to bring their creation to life. Like all Google.

Doodles, each doodle must incorporate the letters G-o-o-g-l-e.

The candidates can apply either online or offline to be entered in the Doodle 4 Google Competition.

You can apply online through the given link:

For applying off-line follow the given steps:

  1. Download or print the Doodle for Google entry form. The link is:

  1. Doodle: Have artists create their doodles using any materials they want.
  2. Write:

Have artists write a 50-word statement describing their doodle, their message behind the artwork, or their artistic process.

Fill out the rest of the required information and sign the entry form.

  1. Combine:

If the doodle wasn’t created directly on the entry form, take a digital photo or scan of the doodle and combine it with the entry form.

If you’re submitting a digital entry, save the completed entry form as a .png, or .jpg.

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Follow these guidelines and stand more chances of winning.

Resolution: Use the highest quality setting on your camera. Your image should be at least 300 dpi.

Lighting: Make sure the doodle is well lit and free of glare and unnecessary shadows.

Composition: Position the camera so that the doodle fills the frame and there are no visual distractions in the background.


Carefully package the doodle in an envelope so that it won’t be damaged, and with proper postage, mail it to one of the following addresses.

  • For Regular U.S. Mail

Doodle 4 Google

PO Box 510337

New Berlin, WI 53151

  • For Overnight Mail

Doodle 4 Google, Promotions Department

5000 South Towne Drive

New Berlin, WI 53151

Scholarship Worth

Apparently, the worth of Doodle for Google scholarship in the United State differs from its worth in other countries of the world.


The National Winner will win a $30,000 college scholarship (managed by Scholarship America) to be used at the school of their choice, a trip to the San Francisco area (retail value approximately $1,500)

The four (4) National Finalists who do not become the National Winner will win a $5,000 college scholarship (managed by Scholarship America) to be used at the school of their choice, a trip to Google headquarters (retail value $1500), a Chromebook (retail value approximately $399), an Android tablet (retail value approximately $300)

The forty-eight (48) State and Territory Winners who did not become National Finalists win an Android tablet (retail value approximately $300)


The Contest begins on September 14th, 2019 09:00 am Pacific Time (PT) Zone in the United States and ends on December 2nd, 2019, 8:00 pm Pacific Time (PT)


Doodle for Google Contest 2019 India

Information in this petition is for the citizens in India it will be contained in this subsection, all the information anyone applying in India would need.

It is an innovative thought from Google for the goodwill of students that, Google is going to Organize this “Doodle” competition for Students in India. Huge prize money will be given to the winner.

The countdown has begun for the doodle to submit so buckle up, pull your socks and submit the best one of yours to Google so that you can be the next DOODLE 4 GOOGLE contest 2019 Winner.

Doodle 4 Google India contest organized by Google invites entries from Indian students to design and submit Doodle 4 Google on the topic. The competition is open for class 1-10 students.

To participate in the competition, the students have to submit the doodle as per guidelines laid by Google India on the given theme. Students have to use their imagination & artistic talent to create a Doodle 4 Google on the given topic.

For the first time, Google India will be giving the scholarship to the winner of the contest.

Doodle for Google scholarship amount is Rs. 5 Lacs.

When visitors log on Google website they can see a logo depicting distinguished visions, messages, and cultures every time.

This logo is what, called to be Doodle.

The Winning Doodle will be displayed on the Google India homepage on November 2019, i.e. Children’s Day and the creator will receive a scholarship of Rs 5,00,000, Rs 200,000 technology package for their school.

The contest will be judged by very renowned people in the field.

Fun time: Participation in the contest will be fun as well as a learning experience to the bright young Indian minds.

Doodle 4 Google Contest last date to receive the entries is 6 October

DOODLE is basically an innovative aimless Drawing or we can say DOODLE is drawing with involving Brain in it. Submissions from all students in U.S. schools from kindergarten to twelfth grade (including homeschoolers) are accepted in the contest.

Parents/Educators are required to submit doodles for their students.

The first edition of Doodle 4 Google India contest was held. Contestants refurbish and embellish the traditional Google logo to match the theme of that particular year.


The theme was ‘A place in India I wish to visit’ which had Vaidehi Reddy from Army Public School, Pune emerged as the winner.

She was awarded a medal by Google, a Chromebook laptop, a 3 night-4 day trip with her parents to the place in India she doodled (Assam) and her doodle were displayed on the Google India homepage on Nov 14 (Children’s Day).

The contest will run from August 19 – Oct 12. The contest was open to students in Standards 1 to 10 across India.

Eligibility for Ongoing Doodle for Google 2019 Contest in USA | INDIA

The eligibility requirements here is for students in India.

DOODLE 4 Contest is announced Google, This is competition for students from 1 – 10 grade So, Enter the best doodle of your is the winner of “ DOODLE 4 GOOGLE ” get 500,000 INR as a prize.

The students in India studying in kindergarten Through twelve Grade can be able to participate in this innovative and creative Competition. The winner With the best DOODLE will be playing their Doodle on the Search Engine Google’s Page logo.

Top Doodle will be announced on children’s day, that is on 14th November’ 19.

Ongoing Doodle for Google 2019 Contest in USA | INDIA Scholarship Worth for Students in India

The worth of this scholarship differs from its worth in the United State of America.

DOODLE 4 GOOGLE” contest will pay a huge prize to the winner of this Contest as Winning DOODLE will be Displayed on the Internet on Google’s Home search engine

The Creator Of the Winning Art will 500,000 INR for the scholarship for higher studies(Graduation, PG Courses etc) Or For college Fee Payment.

The technology package of 200,000 for School.

The winning doodle will be showcased on Google India on 14th November’ 19.

A Chromebook will be presented with an Android Tablet.

Application Deadline for Students in India

Last Date of submission Of Doodle For the “DOODLE 4 GOOGLE” contest is till – 6th October’ 19

After this date, Faculty Of judges which are appointed By Google will select Top Contenders from each state of US.

Which will further be published on the Internet for Voting by Public Voting will be going online:

How to Apply for Google for Doodle Theme 2019 in India

The application process for Indian students, is pretty easy, as it is for United States students.

There are some simple steps to follow for the Submission of your master Piece Doodle for Google contest, Kindly follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the home page for the doodle4google contest

  1. Then click on get started
  2. Further, download the Entry Form and go take the print out of that Entry Application form
  3. Application form for Doodle4google can be submitted by Parents, Students by own, Guardians or by their teachers who are conducting these Doodle Sessions.

The Winning Doodle of “DOODLE 4 GOOGLE 2019” will be present to the India and Winning Doodle will also appear on Google

Search page on the same day after Ceremony. Left Top Doodles which are selected by Judges will go on temporary appearance.

So, Doodle 4 Google 2019 contest kicks off soon as details are yet to announced from Google this year. Stay tuned for the more latest information.


Good luck!


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