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McConnell Foundation Scholarship Program 2019

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McConnell Foundation Scholarship History: Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. is an American from Kentucky, born February 20, 1942. He is currently married to Elaine Chao and has three children. Elly, Porter, and Claire. He is a politician with the longest tenure of the US Senate in history. His political career began in 1984 and to this day he has earned a reputation as a strategist and tactician highly qualified for his role in the governments of Barrack Obama and Donald Trump.

McConnell’s first marriage lasted from 1963 to 1980 and his three children are the products of his first marriage. Then he married his second wife, who was appointed Minister of Transport by President Donald Trump.

In her election, in which she received a larger share of votes, her husband was present. McConnell is a Republican who has radically changed and adopted extreme disabilities because he has always been at the forefront of those who have tried to complicate the rule of Barrack Obama by refusing his candidates for the judges at Supreme Court and pleads for a one-mandate  President (Obama) among others.

McConnell Foundation Scholarship Program 2019

What you need to know about the McConnell Foundation Scholarship Program 2019

The program is a social investment characterized by a remarkable characteristic of all scholars, even if they tend to present it differently, which means a sincere respect for the improvement of their peers. This means that when they finally succeed in the chosen areas and as individuals, they will help others succeed and bring sustainable growth and development to the nation’s affairs.

The Foundation envisages a Canadian nation that enhances the well-being of all, indigenous and non-indigenous, through the promotion of economic and social systems. The aim is to promote the optimal creativity of individuals and organizations in all areas through optimal support.

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The foundation is located in Redding, California.

Level/Field of Study

The scholarship program can only be registered for, by qualified candidates who fall under any of these categories:

  1. Brilliant students with outstanding performance
  2. First in their families to go to college
  3. Peopled who emerged victorious without allowing their problems take a better part of them
  4. People with self-respect and integrity that positively command influence on their younger ones and in the community.
  5. People committed to giving back to their society.
  6. The program also caters for the physically challenged students, the Homeless, People in foster care and very poor homes, who have shown outstanding commitment in the course of serving others.

The financial support may be used by students in institutions that are accredited, regionally.

In institutions that are non-profitable

In institutions that do not discriminate against race, gender, skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, political ideology, age, pregnancy or disability, and not related to program requirements, etc., such as recruitment, licensure, or disability The service offering is protected by law.

In institutions with a physical presence, offering the majority of their courses in person in the United States of America

Host Nationality: 

Scholarship can be taken in the USA. In case you want scholarships to study abroad or other Latest Scholarships in the USA, you can check out the links above.

Eligible Nationality

The McConnell scholarship is only eligible to USA students

The following colleges and universities qualify for McConnell scholarship funds:

  1. All public community colleges such as Shasta College, College of the Siskiyous, Klamath College, etc.
  2. All California State Universities such as CSU Chico, Humboldt State University, Sonoma State University, etc.
  3. All University of California campuses such as UC Davis, UC Berkeley, etc.
  4. All public universities within the United States.
  5. Many private universities also qualify

Scholarship Worth

The scholarship program offers varieties of support: financial, mentoring and conferences.

  • They support students with thirty thousand dollars($30,000) in their pursuit for academic excellence and annually, students have access to about seven thousand, five hundred dollars ($7,500) which the balance can be rolled over to the following year if unfinished which may last for six years. And with the remaining cash, students can also register for a higher degree.
  • Dave Tanner, the program’s officer offer mentoring services by providing advice and support to the beneficiaries throughout their academic experience as he makes the general wellbeing of every student, his priority. He does this because of his interest in how the college can transform, grow and affect students in their aspirations and search for identity. Therefore, he shows more concern in their strengths and helps them embrace and reconcile their talents, aptitudes, and interests with their academic goals.
  • Annually in the second weekend of August, beneficiaries both past and present, gather for a three-day conference which is organized by the students, themselves. The conference focuses on new things they desire to learn and comes with workshops centering on fitness and nutrition, studying abroad, finding internships, managing stress, being wise in spending, among many others. The conference while equipping them with information that would help them thrive after college, also helps them develop a network of friends and peers that would support one another and stand the tests of time.
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Eligibility for McConnell Foundation Scholars Program 2019

The application for the McConnell Scholarship program 2019 is open to all who falls under any of these categories:

  • Students that reside or attend high school within the service area in places like Mordor, Trinity County, Lassen County, Humboldt County, etc.
  • Students who in the fall term of the next academic year will freshly resume in a college or university and those who might not have bagged a bachelor’s degree.
  • Students who will resume at a qualified college or university such as community colleges (public) like Shasta college etc, state universities in California campuses, public, and many private universities within the United States of America.
  • Those whose Expected Family can contribute eight thousand six hundred dollars ($8,600) or less.
  • Those who have not been convicted of a felony or who have dutifully served out their term.
  • Those who are not directly related to any board member or community volunteer.
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How to Apply McConnell Foundation Scholarship 2019

Follow the steps below to apply for McConnell Foundation Scholars Program

The application process for the McConnell Foundation scholarship programs is online every year on November 1st.

You can create an account and complete the application at this time.

Free applications for the Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the California Dream Act will be available from 1 October of the following academic year.

You may complete and submit your McConnell Scholarship Application once you have received and completed your Student Assistance Report (SAR) from the FAFSA website or the Dream Aid Student Aid Report (DASAR). have uploaded on your scholarship application.

Receiving your SAR or DASAR usually takes three business days after filing your FAFSA or California Dream Act application. Applications for the McConnell Foundation Scholarship Programs must always be sent on March 5th at 9:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. After this period, for some reason, applications will no longer be accepted, including Internet or computer-related issues.

After submission, all full and legitimate applications will be assigned to groups by region. Each application is read and evaluated by at least three trained volunteers from the community. High-level candidates from each group will be sent to a regional interview where the final selection will be made.

McConnell Foundation Scholarship 2019 Application Deadline

Scholars can begin to register for the scholarship program on or around the 1st day of November, every year and applications expire on the 5th day of March, the following year.

McConnell Foundation Scholarship 2019 Application Link

Behold the McConnell Foundation Scholars Program Official Application Link

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