Guidelines To Write An Industrial Training Report For SIWES Students

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Industrial Training Report

At the university, your industrial training report equals 30% of the overall grade. It sounds simple, but it’s not something you want to joke about.

In this article, we will describe the following steps to write a pleasant and concise report on industrial training.

Report For SIWES Student

1. Cover Page:

The cover page is the first thing you want to see. It should contain all important information in a simple but presentable format.

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The information includes:


  • Title of the report
  • Full name and Matriculation Number
  • Industrial Training attachment (Company’s name)
  • Department to be submitted
  • Course code and Title
  • Date

2. Preliminary pages:

For an industrial training report, the preliminary pages should be included on a separate page with the following information:


  • Title page
  • Report overview
  • Table of contents. (List of Figures and List of Tables may also be included as appropriate).

3. Chapter 1: – Introduction

1.1 Background
1.2 Objectives of the training

4. Chapter 2: – Description of the establishment of attachment

2.1 Location and history of the establishment
2.2 Objectives of establishment
2.3 Organisational structure (including organogram)
2.4 The various departments/units in the establishment and their functions

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5. Chapter 3 – Work done during the SIWES program

In this chapter, all activities that are performed during the training are displayed in an orderly manner. This requires, if possible, the addition of images.

Note: Sheepish copying of laboratory and maintenance manuals and/or documentation manuals of soft-wares shall not be countenanced.

6. Chapter 4: Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations.

5.1 Summary of attachment activities
5.2 Problems encountered during the programme
5.3 Suggestions for improvement of the scheme




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