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Alaska Performance Scholarship

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Alaska Performance Scholarship

The Alaska Performance Scholarship offers students living in Alaska several thousand dollars a year and excellent academic performance. This scholarship requires students to take certain courses, complete a FAFSA application and pass the SAT or ACT to be eligible.

Scholarships must not be reimbursed and these funds can quickly represent significant amounts for students. The cost of tuition, books, equipment, space, and food can reach several thousand dollars each semester and not all families can afford it.

Alaska Performance Scholarship

Alaska is one of the US states that provides money to its students to cover the costs of continuing education. Although students must meet certain criteria to qualify and undergo standardized tests, many students can save several thousand dollars each year for their studies.

What Is the Alaska Performance Scholarship?

The Alaska Performance Scholarship is a program of the State of Alaska that provides scholarship funds to students who meet a range of criteria and have completed special courses during their high school curriculum.

The scholarship includes a list of recognized courses in mathematics, science, social studies, world language, and language art. The two syllabus options available to students must be complete and part of the student’s records deposited at the school.

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Alaska public schools offer students a list of courses they can take to meet the APS requirements in order to accumulate the credits they need to qualify for this scholarship. Students must also complete a FAFSA application by June 30 of each year to assess their financial needs.

How Do I Qualify For The Alaska Performance Scholarship?

Students must be residents of Alaska and have completed a FAFSA within the time frame for this scholarship. You must also complete the list of required courses as part of your studies and receive grades. Half-credit courses only count for half a loan for this scholarship, while full-credit regular courses count as one credit.

The finalization of the FAFSA is a crucial step in qualifying for the Alaska Performance Scholarship. This scholarship requires students to apply in the fall preceding the semester for which they wish to enter the university and to re-register each year on the FAFSA website.

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This scholarship is determined based on information entered by students in the FAFSA, as well as their cumulative grade point average and test scores. Students can also create an account to track their status on the Alaska Student Aid Portal.

Students in private schools and home-schooled students will need to contact the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to apply to determine if they qualify for this scholarship. The application includes completing a form that must be submitted by July 15 of each year, along with the necessary documents.

What’s the Amount Award for the Alaska Performance Scholarship?

This scholarship is divided into three different reward levels. Each has its own requirements that students must meet to be qualified:

Level 1: Up to $ 4755 per year

High School GPA of 3.5 or greater
ACT 25, new SAT 1210, old SAT 1680

Level 2: Up to $ 3566 per year
High School GPA of 3.0
ACT 23, new SAT 1130, old SAT 1560

Level 3: Up to $ 2378 per year
High School GPA of 2.5
ACT 21, new SAT 1060, old SAT 1450

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How Do I Apply for the Alaska Performance Scholarship?

To get students on their way to the grant, they need to work with their high school advisor at the beginning of their baccalaureate. Their courses are based on the scholarship checklist and students can create a “timetable” as part of their Alaska Career Information System portfolio.

Students must strive to achieve the best possible average and prepare thoroughly for SAT and possibly ACT. It is recommended that students perform these tests at the beginning if they need to retake to get a better result.

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