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Application Instructions:

First Step: Check the official website from this link to see if you are eligible and enter your personal data and your desired program then click request information.

Second Step: You will be directed into another site, see the video and compete for the survey which fulfills your eligibility, and then you can start your application from this link.

Third Step:  First, you will ask to create from here an account and verify it using your E-mail.

Fourth Step: You will be asked to compete with your profile which required the following information:

  • Personal details.
  • Nationality and residency.
  • Academic qualifications.
  • Economic information
  • Additional information.

Note: Be careful during filling the profile that your data is still eligible for the scholarship, as once you submit it, you can’t change the main information and if any data is mistaken it may affect the eligibility conditions and you won’t be able to start the program application.

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Fourth Step: Now, you can start the program application which requests the following information:

  • Academic information.
  • Financial information.
  • Essays.
  • Personal details.

Final step: Submit your application.