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5 Easy Secrets To Graduating With Distinction In High institution

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5 Easy Secrets To Graduating With Distinction In High institution: Your matriculation ceremony, your years spent in the higher institution and the money you invest in your education are a waste if you graduate without a degree. Here are five secrets to graduation with a distinction as compiled by Nigerian students.

The fact that you are in a higher institution or about to enter is not a problem, but the most important and the expectation of the people is what you come out with (YOUR QUALITY). I want us to start with a practical analysis. Let’s take a look at the short conversation that took place between two students in one institution.

STUDENT 1: Hello, how was your ACC211 exam result?

STUDENT 2: Omo Nah re-run oh.

STUDENT 1: what of MTH217?

STUDENT 2: That one too nah re-runs jare.

STUDENT 1: And BAM212?

STUDENT 2: Guy, Nah like 8 re-runs I get and I like am. This school is really interesting, I want to spend more years here.

Did I just hear you say what?!

5 Easy Secrets To Graduating With Distinction In High institution

This post is for people who know why they are in the higher institution or what they are looking for. There is no doubt that the higher institution is a free world, but one would approach the rocks if he did not take the main reason for being there.

Businesses today employ the services of young, smart and dynamic in the job market.
If top leaders are sponsoring their children for a school abroad, should we remain ignorant and let them come back to take over the place where their father stopped?

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If our voice is to be heard, our certificate and knowledge must be standard because it is the only weapon we have. It’s impossible to sit in your comfort zone and expect everything to start, we’re not in Camelot and you are not Merlin.


1) You need to have a mindset: To make or become something, you must wish it. Your whole body must be ready to work towards that goal. From my experience, I will tell you that you will automatically have respect when you are in distinction in your department. You will make speeches while your GP [Grade Point] Generally speaks for you. Therefore, you must decide in your head that you choose to make a distinction, nothing less.

2) Discipline: A disciplined person can also be called a principal person. Someone who has a goal does not have to make friends with everyone. Some people are parasites, they just want to see you go under. Some are just fun when you stagnate. Move with people of your choice, experienced people in your field. Temporal discipline is also an important factor. If a man does not manage his time properly, his life and future are in danger. Countless adults wish they can reverse time for changes, but unfortunately, it’s late. Therefore a lost time can never be reversed. so Always make good use of your time.

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3) Never Sleep Over A Topic: This is one of the reasons why students fail today in schools. When a student stacks notes and leaves them unread, he sets a trap for himself.

Compiling of a result in the higher institution comes from the following angles :
* Attendance in class
* Submission of assignments
* Snap tests
* Mid-semester exam
* Examination.

When a student revises what they have learned in the classroom on one day, he or she understands the task better and tends to be prepared and ready for sudden or immediate exams. This also reduces the tension in the examination of an individual, since the formation of the semester appropriate foundations have been created.

4) Never Joke with assignments, class attendance and get necessary textbooks: Lecturers take their assignments very seriously and will stop at nothing to deal with those who can not do it. By assigning tasks, you can increase your initial score and gain a broader knowledge of the subject of the course that will be of great benefit to you.

In addition, recommended textbooks or materials should not be handled easily, scores can be assigned for the purchase of such textbooks and they will be very useful during your studies. Presence labeling is an important recipe for demarcation because you must always be present in the classroom.

5) Attempt All Questions: It is very important to try to answer all the questions asked in the exams. If you are asked to answer 5 questions during a test or exam, you will do your best to answer it all, as this increases your chances of getting a high score. If you only try 3 out of 5 questions with each 10-point question, it means that you will only have 30 points and that you may not have completed your answers. However, if all questions have been tried, there is the possibility for you to get a high score.

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Nothing good comes easy, if you want something good, you have to pay a price. You must work in this direction. Whoever gave birth, where you were born and how you were born should never be criteria for your failure. We have seen people without parents and deformed people make it.

Aspire to Acquire
Discover to Recover
The desire to Move higher
Be ready to Lead and think of how to link up to the peak.



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